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Alejandro and Emmy Award Winner Jeff Corwin, of The Animal Planet.

The band performed at the celebrity's birthday party on a perfect summer day,
the exclusive private event took place at a stoning coastal spot
near his home in New England.

Theater, July and August, 2005. "Tying up Sandima", a play by Maura Campbell
featuring Alejandro Torrens as Carlos and live music by members of SABOR.
The play was the openning for the new Waterfront Theatre in downtown Burlington, VT.

Reproduced from the Burlington Free Press

"It's a murder mystery, but instead of the question being "Whodunit?,"
the query that frames "Tying Up Sandima"
is "Did anyone do it?" Or even more so, is the victim even dead? Sounds complex. Well, it is.
The play written and directed by Maura Campbell of Burlington is a heavy existential exploration,
with occasional humorous touches, of reality, surrealism, sanity and death,
a death both of the body and of youthful, hopeful spirit."Tying Up Sandima,
which premiered Thursday night at the new Waterfront Theatre, raises about 18,000 questions
and answers about a half-dozen. It walks unsteadily along the balance beam between thought-provoking
and ponderous, self-aware and self-absorbed, but eventually becomes
the heady chew-on-this morsel theater is supposed to be."